chris-luttrellAbout Chris

What’s most satisfying about being a Hidden Fence Professional on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW?

Knowing I am giving pet owners peace of mind that their beloved family pet is safe and secure and also comfortable in its own surroundings whilst still having the freedom to roam its own yard.

What’s your favourite breed of dog to train to an electronic dog fence containment system, and why?

Owning a Siberian Husky I am biased towards them and enjoy any interaction with them, including training. However German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, and Border Collies are also a favourite because of their very high energy levels and also their high drive.

What’s your favourite hidden fence dog containment system to use in the field, and why?

The PT4 Professional Series simply because of the list of exclusive features it has to offer: its coded FM digital signal which provides maximum protection against accidental interference from stray radio signals; the dual external and internal surge and lightning protection, and the battery back-up which both offer peace of mind with SE QLD’s frequent power black outs and severe summer storms; and of course the lifetime equipment replacement warranty which is unrivalled in the industry.

Do you have a good story to share about containing a customers pet?

It is always good to do an install on a property where because of its constant escape attempts and/or escapes the dog has had to be kept in a small dog run or on a wire run whilst the family is not home. To then give that dog the freedom to have the run of the entire property and at the same time give the family the confidence that their dog will not escape is very rewarding.

HFTrailer1What’s the hardest install you’ve encountered?

Challenging would be more appropriate than ‘hardest’. It was a 5 acre property out in a low lying area and after recent heavy rains half the property was underwater, and the other half was very very soggy.  Throw into the mix a small dam, and a couple of small Horse paddocks, and it made for one very challenging, wet and muddy install.  By lunchtime the install was complete and the two Border Collies, a sister and her deaf brother rescued from a shelter, were eager for their first training session.